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Buyers of gold, silver & platinum

Ultra secure silver and gold bullion for private investors.

As leading UK dealers since 1980, Kanda Precious Metals Ltd is one of the established gold buyers/sellers in Britain. We are always eager to buy gold bars, gold coins and any type of gold jewellery. We will consider any quantity large or small.

Cash in your scrap, broken or unwanted gold, silver and platinum.

Before you sell gold to Kanda Precious Metals Ltd you may wish to identify its carat value, as this can increase the price you get when you sell your gold.  You can also sell gold with no hallmark as Kanda Precious Metals Ltd purchases all gold after testing and identifying the purity.
(Check hallmark section)

Competitive Buying Prices

Our buying prices for gold bars, gold coins, or jewellery are very competitive, but depend and change based on underlying daily gold prices, and other market conditions such as supply and demand.


You can sell gold to Kanda Precious Metals Ltd in the confidence that our skilled buyers will check your gold for the correct purity and pay you according to the gold price at the prevailing rate.  By this method we are able to make sure that our customers obtain the correct amount and price for their items.
So sell gold in the confidence that you will get the highest price for your gold.


If you wish to sell gold in a personal & confidential way, we are pleased to welcome you to our store.   Pease make a prior appointment before arriving.

2 Easy ways to get your gold, silver & platinum to us

Visit our office at 241-243 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9RY – 1.74 miles from M5 Junction 1, - 5.64 miles M6 Junction 7, - 3.66 milesM6 Junction 6.
Please phone before calling to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Place your coins, bars, jewellery etc items into a jiffy bag and post to us by Royal Mail special Delivery. Packets can be insured for up to £2500 each and costs approximately £6.


Once we have sorted your gold into its carat value and weighted your items
We will telephone you the next day with an immediate offer and payment.
We will pay immediate cash or cheque, alternative you can have your money directly paid into your Bank / Building Society account.  We will need your Bank / Building society Name, Sort Code, and your account number, and your money will be sent to your account the same day.
We will require identification from you so remember to send (copy) or bring a Passport or Drivers License into the store with you.

Gold, Silver & Platinum Hallmarks

The Hallmarks of Great Britain have been in use as a form of consumer protection since 1300 AD.

Each of the four customary hallmarks serves a different purpose; to guarantee that the piece is pure, to identify the maker, and to record the year and place of manufacture.

Before the marks are applied, the material must be 'assayed' or checked for purity, by one of the four UK Assay Offices

Sell Gold with HallmarksAll metals must be hallmarked and there are 3 compulsory marks:-

The Sponsor’s mark shows the company who sent the item for testing.
And the Assay Office Mark which shows which Assay Office has tested the item.

The Standard mark shows the standard fineness of precious metal. For silver it is 925 and for gold it is 750.
There are four assay offices in the UK and each bear a different mark. When this is applied to the object it shows that the metal has been tested and where it was tested. The hallmark will also help track the object back in history so antiques can be properly verified.

Assay office hallmarks
The four assay office marks are the leopards head for London, the anchor for Birmingham, the Yorkshire rose for Sheffield and the castle for Edinburg.

Since 1478, the hallmark has included a distinctive date letter indicating the year of hallmarking. The date mark is a Letter, lower case or Capital in a shield or box.

The final mark is the Fineness symbol. This is a traditional symbol denoting the fineness of the metal. It is a lion for silver and a crown for gold.

The Hallmark for gold is now governed by the 1973 Hallmarking Act.

Hallmarks of Great Britain